About the company

Manufacturing Enterprise «Sphera» - is one of the biggest Ukrainian enterprises in the optical industry. It produces a wide range of optical-mechanical and optoelectronic devices that combine the best price-quality ratio. The products of «SPHERA» are popular not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

The enterprise was founded on the basis of «Kinap» factory that was one of the biggest enterprises on production of optical devices in the Soviet Union, 20 years ago. Nowadays the staff of the enterprise counts more than 200 employees and has business contacts with partners in Europe, the USA, China and Southeast Asia.


The main activities of PP “Sphera” are the following: development, manufacture and realization of industrial and technical as well as special purpose products, carrying out the research and development works.
The list of the released products: special equipment; measuring devices, observation devices, housing/bodies of the devices based on Image Intensifer tubes (IIT), on uncooled microbolometers as well as on CCD matrixes such as night vision goggles, binoculars, monoculars; daytime colimators, as well as laser target pointers of both visible and invisible light spectrum.

Our possibilities

PP “Sphera” has its own production basis, modern equipment, experts. All production passes the test department for climatic, mechanical, shock and other types of product testing. Collimating equipment and other testing and adjustment stands provide an opportunity to perform precise adjustments of the optics and electronics. Own Design and Manufacturing Engineering Department designs new samples of the products, their electronic and optical-mechanical part and provides development of technology.


  • One of the directions is the line of the housing for night vision devices and daytime optics for recreational purposes, nature observation, hunting and sport.
  • Also «Sphera» produces the housing for professional night vision devices for use with IIT of Gen. 2+ and better, such as multifunctional monoculars, binoculars, goggles and clip-on systems for short range as well as long range observation.
  • Another range is the production of digital night vision devices based on the high sensitivity CCD matrixes and housings for thermal vision devices for use with uncooled microbolometers.
  • For comfort use and improvement of the products functionality, “Sphera” produces various accessories, mounting systems and additions to current devices: infrared illuminators, rails, adapters, interchangeable lens, etc.

Collaboration experience

The products of «SPHERA» are popular not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. We have partners in Europe, the USA, China and Southeast Asia.